In addition to the Budget Memorandum, Speech from the Throne and a carriage ride for many people, Budget Day is also about the outfits, hairstyles and hats of the women from ‘Het Haagse’. Jesse Dekkers (20) from Rosmalen was one of the MBO students who provided ministers and MPs with a makeover.

    Written by

    Rick Lemmens

    From eight o’clock in the morning, Jesse was already busy with the haircuts of MPs Caroline van der Plas (BBB), Lisa Westerveld (GroenLinks), Agnes Mulder (CDA) and Hilde Palland (CDA). In addition, Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Micky Adriaansens (VVD) was added. Jesse couldn’t pass on his preference for politicians himself. What he did influence is how they get out the door.

    De Rosmalenaar recently graduated from the hairdressing course of the Koning Willem I College in Den Bosch. In preparation, the young hairdresser has looked at how the politicians usually wear their hair, “but improvisation usually gives me the best result,” says the young hairdresser during a short break. He has just taken care of Lisa Westerveld’s haircut. Of course anyone could pass on her wishes. “Some showed a picture of what they wanted.”

    “You really work towards the total picture.”

    One of the most important Prinsjesdag traditions is of course wearing a hat. You might expect that the hairstyles will get mixed up because of that, but Jesse won’t be fooled by some complex headwear. “I just work from the hat. The hairstyle forms the basis that makes the hat come into its own. You really work towards the total picture.”

    As usual at the hairdresser, there was also some chatter. He did not get his hands on the Budget Memorandum, all politicians kept it light according to Jesse. “We had a nice chat about what their day looks like today. I hadn’t thought of any questions in advance, I prefer spontaneous conversations.”

    “I would like to enter the world of famous hairdressers.”

    You don’t just become a hairdresser for important politicians. Jesse took part in Skills Heroes, a competition for MBO students. The fourth place was for him and that is why he was in The Hague with his hairdressing supplies on Prinsjesdag.

    Whether everyone left for the Koninklijke Schouwburg satisfied? “They said it was what they meant, and they seemed pleased to me. I’m going to review the footage so I can see my work again.” As far as Jesse is concerned, styling ‘high profile’ haircuts is worth repeating. “It doesn’t always have to be about politicians, but I would like to enter the world of famous hairdressers.” In that regard, the first step seems to have been taken, tonight he is sitting at the table with Jinek.