The explosions at the Sluis in Heerhugowaard are taking its toll in the district. Tonight a house there was targeted for the fourth time, an explosive went off in the house. “At first we didn’t publicize it much, but now you think: ‘oh there goes another one’. At a certain point you just don’t feel safe in your own neighborhood anymore,” an elderly neighbor tells NH Nieuws.

    Damage to the house in Heerhugowaard – Bart van Zutphen/NH News

    Tonight several local residents were shocked by the ‘huge bang’, which, according to local resident Jaap, could certainly be heard ‘until halfway through Heerhugowaard’. Police confirm that the home was again the target of an explosion last night. This time an explosive was thrown inside.

    Local residents do not mind, they think it has actually been enough. Most do not dare to tell their story in front of the NH Nieuws camera, but several residents do indicate that they want to move. “It’s just not pure coffee, shall we say,” says an elderly neighbor, who wants to remain anonymous for security reasons.

    “Half Heerhugowaard was able to hear the bang, it was really very loud”

    local resident

    The house where the explosion went off was still under renovation and not rented out. It seems that the previous inhabitants are always the target, but they have already left after the first explosion. “The damage is now so bad that it will take time before the house can be rented out again,” says Woonwaard spokesperson Eva de Vries. “In addition to the facade that is out, the walls of the house also have to be redone.”

    ‘Here we go again’

    The fact that neighbors are now expecting another bang is an indication of the seriousness of the situation. “I think, there goes another one. I heard a lot of glass clinking. And then you see the boy who lives next door, he is just completely off the map,” she says compassionately. “We’ve lived here since 1996 and never had a problem with anything until the stuff moved in.”

    Neighbor Jaap (surname known to the editors) also speaks out about the recurring situation at the house. “It’s the same house again, the resident who lived there until recently, I would say is a criminal figure. He is proud that he has been in prison. After hearing the bang, we just knew that it was again hit it.”

    Damage and investigation

    Police are currently re-investigating the incident at the home. But can’t give any information at the moment. Residents see that the police are busy.

    “Now they are all coming back to investigate and last time they were also busy until 2 pm. That will take some time,” says Jaap. He is now at work, and it is also the talk of the town in the workplace. “Well, I’m now 1.5 km away from my employer and he heard the bang last night. Half Heerhugowaard was able to hear the bang, it was really very loud.”

    The explosion was also visible, he says. “I sat up in bed! Last time we thought: ‘this must be a thunderstorm’. But now we knew immediately; ‘it’s too nice weather for a thunderstorm’. We walked to the back room and saw a plume of smoke above the house to hang.”

    Text continues.

    While the neighbor – just before the conversation with NH Nieuws – wanted to do some shopping, she was perplexed for a while. “I just walked to the shed to grab my bike and to my surprise I saw that my entire barn door is broken. The whole glass, with iron wire in it, is just broken.”

    And that’s not all, because in her house the air vents are on the windowsill by the windows. “Every time I think again, there goes a window. I’ll go to the police later to report that, because I also need to know how to arrange that.”


    Both local residents also indicate that the cameras, which had been placed after the previous explosion, have just been removed. “Last Friday they removed those things and now it’s happening again,” said the neighbor. “They did indeed remove them last Friday,” confirms Jaap.

    Neither the police nor the municipality have yet been able to answer the question whether they have indeed been removed. The investigation is still in progress.


    Housing corporation Woonwaard informs NH Nieuws that consultants are going into the neighborhood and talking to residents. In this way they want to discuss and inventory what the best steps are to take now. They also want a safe neighborhood for the residents.

    “I’m off the map for a while, but we’re just kidding”

    local resident

    “A card was also thrown in the bus among those who were not at home, to ask whether they would like to contact Woonwaard or have questions. We would also like to be there for the neighborhood and get in touch,” said spokesperson Eva de freeze.

    “It remains a strange situation, you live here with your old husband and then this happens. I’m still confused for a while, but we’re just kidding. “I’ll grab a bucket of soap and go clean some “You hope that peace will return to the neighborhood and that they will do something about it,” the concerned neighbor concludes.

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