Prince Harry was the target of a joke at a music gala.

    Prince Harry was not shy about revealing personal things about his past. PDO

    Biography of Prince Harry published on January 10 Spare have been the hottest topics at the beginning of the year. In the book, the prince made many extraordinary revelations about his private life and the court.

    One topic that arose from the book is Harry’s story about his “frozen” penis.

    Harry’s penis got frostbite in 2011 while he was on a charity walk of hundreds of kilometers at the North Pole. The damage happened just before the prince William’s and Princess Catherine’s wedding.

    Trevor Noah on February 6 at the Grammys. PDO

    The prince’s story has been talked about for several weeks around the world. It also became a topic of conversation at the Grammy gala organized on February 6. The host of the gala, comedian Trevor Noah, cracked a joke about the prince’s penis when he brought British comedian James Corden on stage.

    – James Corden is living proof that a man can move from London to Los Angeles without telling everyone about his frozen penis, Noah said.

    There was a discussion on social media about Noah’s joke. Some of the conversationalists thought the joke was inappropriate, but some were downright delighted by it.

    – Did Trevor Noah just joke about Prince Harry’s penis when introducing James Corden? In my opinion, this was the highlight of the whole evening, said one social media comment.

    – I’m sure Harry took this with humor. He has a good sense of humor, one interlocutor quipped.

    Prince Harry’s book was published in Finland under the name Deputy.

    Harry and Meghan visiting the school in September 2022.