Tooske Ragas and her colleagues drove to the Shownieuws studio for free last night and went into make-up. The broadcast was canceled due to a technical malfunction.


    Late at night the five of them sat obediently behind the Shownieuws desk: Tooske Ragas, Evert Santegoeds, Iris van Lunenburg, Bart Ettekoven and René Mioch. Ready to discuss all show news with each other. While they were all ready in their frog-green studio, the broadcast of lead-in Hart van Nederland was suddenly cut short.

    In an uproar

    At a certain point it turns out that Hart van Nederland will no longer be resumed and therefore the broadcast of Shownieuws, which comes from the same studio, cannot continue.

    At that moment, the stars of the program decide en masse to grab their phone calls and all post videos on Instagram of what goes on behind the scenes. By Tooske until Bart and Rene: they are all in turmoil because their program can’t go ahead.

    Director’s table

    Bart Ettekoven explains what is going on. “It is the table in the direction that does nothing anymore, so that is why people are now at home watching Man Bijt Hond, because that is then started from the final direction. The three of us are now watching snow, but the people at home will get a different program.”

    Private boss Evert Santegoeds is visibly annoyed by all those colleagues who suddenly start filming for their Insta-stories. After all, he prefers not to be seen with his reading glasses. “You’re really alive, aren’t you? Sensation box!”, he shouts to Bart.

    Work hard

    Bart won’t stop with his behind-the-scenes report. “There we are, with our good behavior and good good. Well, look: Anouk and Anne from the editors have been working hard all day, all for nothing. Tooske has memorized all the lyrics, Iris has completely immersed herself in the Grammys. It’s done, over and out!”

    Iris is also completely in turmoil: “This can’t be this?! This can not be?! It’s bizarre!”

    Not anymore

    At one point, René Mioch points the camera at the annoyed Evert. “How is that supposed to be? Now the Netherlands is no longer with us, Evert.”

    Evert muttering: “No, now we have to go extra long tomorrow.”

    All in all, the Shownieuws stars have had a turbulent evening. Lucky in an accident: given the recent ratings of the program, few people have been affected by it.