Apple announced higher prices for apps and games in its App Store on Monday. The change will come into effect on October 5th.

    After customers outside the USA had to accept significantly higher prices for the iPhone 14, apps are now also becoming more expensive. Apple has adjusted the price list for several countries, including Chile, Japan, Sweden and the euro zone. Not only the apps themselves will soon cost more, but also in-app purchases.

    No justification for higher prices in the App Store

    Apple has quietly published the new price list on its developer page. The app developers themselves have received an announcement about the change. There is no reason for this, but it is highly likely that the currently strong US dollar is responsible for this. For the first time since the introduction of the euro, the dollar has reached the same value. This is probably also the reason why the new iPhones in the euro zone are up to 200 euros more expensive than before.

    Apps and games in the App Store are divided into so-called “Price Tiers”. This means that developers cannot simply choose any price for their app, but must set a predetermined price level. Apple is now raising all price tiers in the App Store without exception. An app that used to cost EUR 0.99 now costs EUR 1.19. An app for 1.99 euros increases to 2.49 euros, etc. That is a price increase of up to 25 percent. Even the most expensive level increases from 999.99 euros to 1199.99 euros.

    The old prices (left) and new prices (right) in the App StorePhoto: TECHBOOK

    Countries outside the euro zone are also affected by the higher prices in the App Store. The changes will also apply in Egypt, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Sweden South Korea and Vietnam from October 5th. Montenegro, which pays in euros, is also affected, but to a lesser extent.

    In-app subscriptions with monthly or annual payments are not directly affected by the changes. The app developers can leave the existing subscriptions at their previous prices.


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