The Brazilian in the best qualifying of his life, the last driver from his country to do it was Alex Barros in 2005. Italians attacked, Guevara second, Garcia only 11th

    by our correspondent Paolo Ianieri

    06 August

    – silverstone (great britain)

    The first row you don’t expect, at the end of the Moto3 qualifying in the Silverstone GP. Because in front of everyone Diogo Moreira will start, the Brazilian rookie who this year has already shone on several occasions and who, weekend after weekend, proves to have excellent qualities. But behind Moreira, at his first world pole pole, the first Brazilian ever to succeed in Moto3 and able to bring his country back in qualifying after Alex Barros in 2005 in Portugal, here, at 68 thousandths, Izan Guevara, who starting so far he will be able to try to take advantage of the opportunity to snatch important points from fellow leader of the standings – and first opponent in the race for the title – Sergio Garcia, who will start only 11th in a so far subdued weekend.

    moto3, the Italians

    Ryu Yamanaka concludes the first row, 78 thousandths of a second behind, who for 30 denied Riccardo Rossi the third position. Still in the second row, with the 5th time, there is a surprising Stefano Nepa who precedes Deniz Onçu, then 7th time for Dennis Foggia ahead of his teammate Tatsuki Suzuki. Thirteenth time for Andrea Migno, who in qualifying was unable to repeat the good things he did in the last free sessions.

    moto3, the grill

    This is the starting grid of the Moto3 Great Britain GP:

    1. Moreira (Bra-Ktm); Guevara (Spa-GasGas); Yamanaka (Ktm)
    2. Rossi (Ita-Honda); Nepa (Ita-Ktm); Onçu (Tur-Ktm)
    3. Foggia (Ita-Honda); Suzuki (Gia-Honda); Sasaki (Gia-Husqvarna)
    4. McPhee (GB-Husqvarna); S. Garcia (Spa-GasGas); Holgado (Spa-Ktm)
    5. Migno (Ita-Honda); Toba (Gia-Ktm); Artigas (Spa-CFMoto)
    6. Fellon (Fra-Honda); Furusato (Gia-Honda); Ortolà (Spa-Ktm)
    7. Munoz (Spa-Ktm); To. Fernandez (Spa-Ktm); Masia (Spa-Ktm)
    8. Tatay (Spa-CFMoto); Bartolini (Ita-Ktm); Ogden (GB-Honda)
    9. Carraro (Ita-Ktm); Whatley (GB-Honda); Surra (Ita-Honda)
    10. Aji (Ind-Honda); Carrasco (Spa-Ktm); M. Garcia (Spa-Ktm)