PinkPantheress, a TikTok diva devirtualized in a big way

pinkpantheress went to Primavera Sound on Thursday night with the responsibility of being the first great phenomenon sprouted from TikTok that had the opportunity to be devirtualized at the festival. The 22-year-old British artist showed that she is an ‘internet’ diva with a livelihood for the face-to-face world. His songs are short, strangely they exceed two minutes, and they are glue to avoid ‘scroll’ -complies with what one can imagine- with a attractive gear between the melodic and the rhythmic (with a lot of drum & bass presence). This Thursday she was accompanied on stage by a DJ, of course, but also by a guitarist with forays into the keyboard and a drummer.

PinkPantheress came out on stage smiling and confidentmoving slowly, moving her body gently, before a crowd that was clearly expectant to extract the British from the screen in her first time in Spain. “Are there a lot of people from the UK?” he asked. The response was massive (and revealing about the festival goers) and one even brought him a Scottish flag.

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The British, a phenomenon that emerged in 2021 with an innocent voice, presented the songs from his first album ‘to hell with it’, with lyrics that highlight the pain and uncertainty of love (‘Break it off’, ‘Last Valentines’ or ‘I must apologize’ were some of the ones that played last night). But among all the ‘hits’ compressed, PinkPantheress finished off the night with the contagious ‘Just for me’ and, above all, with the viral ‘Boy’s a liar’ (with the ‘remix’ with the rapper Ice Spice).

And if the concert started on time, it ended 20 minutes before the program said, as if the British were aware that half an hour (her performance lasted a little longer) was already a long time to retain an audience to which Primavera offered to make an almost infinite ‘scroll’ with proposals to all sides.