You see it in almost all football stadiums in the Netherlands: the beer flies around your ears for the slightest thing. Sometimes to celebrate a goal, more often out of aggression to intimidate the opponent. No fun for sports photographers, says Olaf Kraak, who is a guest in De Aftrap with FC Volendam player Daryl van Mieghem. “A few weeks ago, a colleague received a full glass of beer on his computer. Piece. 3500 Euros.”

    Beer throwers and fireworks make the work of photographer Olaf Kraak quite difficult – NH Sport / Edward Dekker

    The KNVB, in collaboration with the Dutch Sports Press (NSP), is trying to track down perpetrators and impose a stadium ban. The union has hired a lawyer for this. Kraak hopes that will help. “Last year 400 stadium bans were handed out, compared to 150 the year before. It is expected that it will be 500 to 600 this year.”

    Shorter fuse

    The IJmuidenaar notes that people have had a shorter fuse since the corona period. Not just in the stadium, but in society as a whole. Apart from beer flying around, the fireworks in the stadiums blast around you and the name-calling is not uncommon.

    “As a substitute, you get the full blast when visiting Feyenoord. Just from boys of thirteen years”

    FC Volendam player Daryl van Mieghem

    FC Volendam player Daryl van Mieghem has been experiencing this for some time. “As a substitute, you get the full blast when visiting Feyenoord. Just from thirteen-year-old boys. The rest around it is laughing like ‘Look how well he does that’.”

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    Daryl van Mieghem: “It is the most extreme at Feyenoord” – NH Sport / Edward Dekker

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    Bram Franken

    Erik-Jan Brinkman plays the game Hit the Flag every week against a (former) football player. This time, former Jong AZ player Bram Franken is his opponent. As always, we close with our FC De Aftrap team.

    Can’t wait for the broadcast to be on TV? Watch the entire broadcast of Friday September 30 below!

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    The Kick-off of Friday September 30 with Daryl van Mieghem and Olaf Kraak – NH Sport / Edward Dekker

    Next week, Telstar player Koen Blommestijn and FC Volendam team manager Hans Bakker will be guests in De Aftrap. If you have any questions and/or comments, please email [email protected]

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