Petition PBH site Zuidlaren last attempt for alternative plan

Rob Wagenborg, who lives directly on the PBH site, is one of the initiators. According to him, more than 300 Zuidlaarders have now responded positively to the petition. “Among the supporters we have residents who are concerned about a three-storey apartment complex that should be built, up to the library that will not get enough space.”

According to Wagenborg, the municipality of Tynaarlo is currently making a clear choice for commerce, instead of ‘culture and conviviality’. “Meeting and commotion should take precedence, I think. This gives residents vitality. The same vitality that the municipality also strives for.”

The petitioners believe that residents of Zuidlaren have had no choice and are now coming up with their own plan. “Soon there will be a 3D visualization of the plan, so that you can also see what the streetscape will look like with our plan,” says Wagenborg.

In addition, the group wants to come up with two surveys that will be distributed among the Zuidlaarder population. “In it we ask the question whether they would prefer to see two supermarkets on the PBH site or whether they feel more for our plan. The municipality of Tynaarlo always says that the population wants two supermarkets, but we doubt that.”

Alderman Jurryt Vellinga (Leefbaar Tynaarlo) appreciates the efforts of Zuidlaarders, but emphasizes that the municipality of Tynaarlo intends to continue with the current plan. “We were explicitly told by the city council that we had to go for a plan in which two supermarkets have been signed up. I am therefore proud of the plan that is now before us.”

The municipality has deliberately opted for parking at the front of the PBH site, instead of the rear. “I don’t like the look of a parking lot either, but the intention is that we use greenery to get rid of the ‘can’ nicely,” says Vellinga. “Moreover, parking at the front should help visitors to the supermarket to enter the village faster. A good connection to the Brink is also necessary for this.”