‘Peter van der Vorst really talks nonsense about Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’

Peter van der Vorst is talking out of his ass when he says that there is no longer room for Matthijs van Nieuwkerk at RTL, says Private star journalist Jan Uriot. “If necessary, put it on RTL 7.”


Matthijs van Nieuwkerk suddenly left BNNVARA in December. The presenter felt in the riot about his misconduct at De Wereld Draait Door not supported by the broadcaster. Now he is without a television job and because of that he is missing out on a lot of money. RTL also no longer wants to reopen negotiations with Matthijs.

Bit of nonsense

According to RTL’s TV boss Peter van der Vorst, there is no longer room for a Matthijs talk show on the late evening of RTL 4. It will of course also play a role that after the The Voice scandal he does not want to act as a kind of shelter for discredited hit stars.

Bland, says Private star journalist Jan Uriot. He says in his column What does Jan think: “Peter van der Vorst said: ‘We are complete at RTL. We have no room for him.’ Then I think: how many channels does that club have? Put it on RTL 7 if necessary. Of course you can, you know. You also have RTL 8. So it’s kind of nonsense.”

‘There is room’

According to Jan, there is room for Matthijs at RTL. “It is of course strange that there is no place for that man. Of course there is room, but Peter plays it safe and thinks: well, just not that gentleman for a while. By the way, I think Matthijs is busy writing his memoirs. We will all get that.”

Colleague Wilson Boldewijn: “I also read somewhere that he might be very ashamed.”

Oliebollen stall

Does Jan have more criticism of Peter van der Vorst? Yes, he thinks that the TV boss should pay more attention to RTL Boulevard. Amsterdam’s Leidseplein is still projected in the backdrop of that program, but: “I can tell you: the oliebollen stall has been gone for a week, but we still see it.”

All in all, Jan does not put Peter’s head in the cold, but in the lukewarm zone of his ‘sterrometer’. “Maybe I should apply there someday. You do not know.”