Pelé and the cinema: five films in the life of the King

The recent news of the death of “O King”, in a Sao Paulo hospital after suffering generalized cancer, moved the public and soccer fans. A few days after leaving his treatment for colon cancer, the doctors had detected malignant tumors in the intestine, liver and lung, so the alarms around his health went off and a fatal outcome was foreseeable.

Pele For many, he is the best player in history, or one of the best, but his talent and life have not only been shown on the courts, but also through the movies. Edson Arantes do Nascimento He had a long career of success and recognition, but few know the humble beginnings and the personal battles that the Brazilian had to fight to achieve the greatness for which he is recognized today.

The world reference of “jogo bonito”, born in three hearts from the department of Minas Gerais, he started sports at Santos, where he became his alma mater. His debut in the Brazilian national soccer team allowed him to establish a record that no footballer could match up to now. The Brazilian holds the unequaled title of being world champion three times, in the World Cups in Sweden 1958, Chile 1962 and Mexico 1970, being the youngest footballer who has won the World Cup the most times.

The legacy of the mythical captain of the Brazilian soccer team has been saved in several movies, which can be enjoyed to understand the truth behind the legend. In 2021, British filmmakers, David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas their documentary premiered on Netflix “Pele”, where the champion himself tells his story. In the latter testimonial, you can see a review of his professional career, with totally unpublished images of his remembered moments, and recordings of his most recent news.

However, it has been a long time since documentary feature films dedicated to the “King of Football” They were on different screens. the achievements “Eternal Pelé” (2004) and “Pelé the Last Show: The Film” (2018) use various interviews with family members, former teammates and sports personalities to reconstruct the figure of the legendary “black pearl“and the memories of his last game.

Pelé: the birth of a legend

Outside the field, documentaries and archival material, the biopic “Pelé: the birth of a legend” Relive the personal story of the soccer star, from his youth, being played by the actor Paula Kevin. The story, which can be enjoyed on Amazon Prime, focuses on his beginnings in sports, his first conquests in soccer, and how his talent helped the Brazilian team win their first World Cup in 1958.

escape to victory

Finally, the performance of the veteran athlete in the film cannot be overlooked. “Escape to Victory” (“Victory”) from John Hustonbeside Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine and Max Von Sydow. In an incredible adventure, set in World War II, where the prisoners of a Nazi concentration camp decide their fate with a soccer match. The classic tape, released in 1981, can be enjoyed on different streaming platforms.

But that was not his only participation on the screen, almost as a bonus trackthe following year he is part of the cast of “Eleven plus one” (“A minor miracle”). TV movie directed by Terrell Tannenmade by Peter Fox and the filmmaker John Huston (the same director of Escape to Victory), tells the story of a Californian orphanage that must avoid closure by organizing a soccer match, with the appearance and surprise help of the Brazilian star.

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