Meteorologist Pekka Pouta fell and injured his leg.

    Pekka Pouta will not be seen on TV for a moment. Kaisa Vehkalahti

    MTV3 meteorologist Pekka Pouta says on Twitter from his bad fall.

    – I slipped on the only really icy spot and broke my tibia, Pouta, 55, writes.

    The photo shows his amputated leg.

    – Yes, our house is wonderful. I got to Siltasairailan. The orthopedist’s first patient operated on there, the first patient in that room, the first discharge by a nurse. In a little while, but that’s about it, Pouta writes.

    Siltasairaala is a new hospital located in Meilahti, replacing Töölö Hospital.

    Recovering from leg surgery can take several weeks, even months, and sick leave can also be long.

    Pouta himself has warned about slippery weather on MTV3’s Päivä sä program several times.

    It is not the first time that Pouta has slipped up with serious consequences.

    In March 2020, he slipped on the icy yard so badly that he broke his fibula. The leg was amputated, but a blood clot hit it. At that time, he was on sick leave for almost two months.