The installation of Paul Rüpp as mayor of the municipality of Maashorst, on September 27, has been postponed. Cancer with mild metastases was recently diagnosed at Rüpp, the municipality reports. The former alderman of the municipality of Uden speaks of a major blow, but he will continue as mayor for the time being: “I feel (still) fine now.”

    Suspicious tissue was found at Rüpp during a minor medical procedure more than two weeks ago. He is now going to discuss the options with oncologists. His agenda will therefore be slightly adjusted in the coming days. As soon as there is more clarity about a treatment plan, it will be decided how he can continue to perform his function and whether there will be an installation after all. Rüpp’s agreements are taken over as much as possible by the aldermen who are deputy mayor.

    ‘Installation not appropriate now’
    “Until then, I will continue to perform my job, which I enjoy and get energy from,” said Rüpp. “This news naturally sheds a different light on the future. In any case, it is not appropriate to complete the installation now.”

    The city council was informed Monday evening. There is also contact with the King’s Commissioner and the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Rüpp was appointed acting mayor of Maashorst at the end of last year. This municipality started on 1 January through the merger of Uden and Landerd. At the end of June, the city council nominated him as the new mayor.

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