Indeed, BNNVARA does not want to make a new series of Ranking the Stars, as TV connoisseur Tina Nijkamp already predicted. “Paul de Leeuw is free to do it elsewhere.”

    © Ranking the Stars

    Paul de Leeuw has enthusiastically announced a new series of Ranking the Stars. The program would then move back from RTL to BNNVARA, but guess what? The public broadcaster doesn’t want it anymore. TV expert Tina Nijkamp already predicted that, because it would be insensitive after the DWDD scandal.

    BNNVARA does not want to

    BNNVARA no longer wants Ranking. “For the sake of clarity: not even with a presenter other than Paul de Leeuw,” said the broadcaster. “Over the past few months, extensive research has been carried out into whether a new Ranking series could be made, but in a different format, which is in line with the themes that BNNVARA considers important.”

    Making a Ranking the Stars with socially relevant themes already sounds nonsensical and it turned out to be so. “In the end, we didn’t come to a conclusion.”

    Paul can leave

    Paul is not under contract with BNNVARA and the broadcaster therefore says somewhat coolly that Paul is ‘free to make the program for another broadcaster’.

    Producer Medialane, which incidentally has close ties with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, is disappointed. “The company cannot say whether another broadcaster is now being sought that is interested,” said the broadcaster.

    Arno and Evert

    It was already known that two celebrities would participate in the new series: Arno Kantelberg and Evert Santegoeds. RTL Boulevard presenter Bridget Maasland refused, because she thinks the program no longer fits this time.

    Paul stopped presenting Ranking the Stars at RTL because the channel group refused to promote the program from RTL 5 to RTL 4. Eddy Zoëy then took over the presentation, without success.