Fernando “Pato” Galmarini He has been active in Peronism since before he was 20 years old. He went through Montoneros, was clandestine in the dictatorship and in the 90’s he was an official of Carlos Menem. Today he is still tied to politics through his children and his son-in-law, the new Minister of Economy, Serge Massa.

    In the last time he became a couple with the diva Moria Casan, with whom he is experiencing a bond that helps him reconcile with the past, with his years in the armed struggle, which, according to her, were blocked. In this report with NEWS, the two speak and refer to their courtship, the children of “Pato” and the Malena’s political futureyour daughter who wants to be Tigre’s Mayor.

    News: How are you living this new political present in your family?

    Fernando Galmarini: Totally relaxed, we have so many kilometers that nothing scares us anymore, nothing worries us. We get together to talk not about politics, which is not easy, with all my children, even with Moria. And we talk about other things, which are not what many suppose.

    News: How much did the Galmarini have to do with Sergio Massa’s political life?

    Galmarini: You would have to ask Sergio. I think that becoming a Peronist was something of Sergio, who came as a kid from UceDé… I think we must have had something to do with it. But much more than us, the street, Peronism as a whole. The Peronism of that time had a lot to do with Sergio, in the San Martín party.

    News: Did you ever get mad at him?

    Galmarini: It may be, but they are angry at Peronism, which are multiple, throughout our history, some more violent and others less. I prefer Peronism to anything else, beyond our inner dislikes. But neither must have been mortifying to him. I try not to get into these things.

    News: At what point in your life does this couple find you, about to turn 80?

    Galmarini: She finds me playing soccer, little by little, playing tennis, little in reference to what I played, and with a lot of desire to love her. We are fine, in this age when many people lower the blinds of life, of affection, of love. I know I’m not 20 or 60 or 50, but I have these 80 that I’m going to turn very well in a little while, with Moria, with our whole life fully, building and I keep hitting the ball.

    News: Speaking of family, Galmarini, how do you see Malena in her political future?

    Galmarini: Malena, I would tell you that at 10 or 12 years old, when democracy arrived, she accompanied me on campaign. I wanted to be mayor of San Isidro, and she was on top of the trucks, painting, writing posters. She was already in the military, she followed her father.

    News: Do you see her with a chance of being a candidate for mayor of Tigre?

    Galmarini: Look, Malena wanted to be a candidate in the previous election and she didn’t go, because the issue of the Front had to be fixed.

    News: Of course, Zamora did not want to give up the place.

    Galmarini: Of course. It had been Sergio, prior to Zamora, Sergio was a great mayor of Tigre, and Malena is really looking forward to it. I don’t want to anticipate what she says, but I see that she has many possibilities. It will also depend on how things go for Sergio, on what happens in the entire country. He is very involved in all of this.

    News: Is her career closely tied to Sergio’s?

    Galmarini: You know I don’t talk in there, I’ve never asked Malena or Sergio about this, nor have we talked about Sergio’s and Malena’s paths, but they are like parallel paths, but also like mine were with Marcela (Durrieu) .

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