The energy-saving pasta tip received a mixed reception from Italian chefs. We tested whether the tip works in the home kitchen.

    Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics Giorgio Parisi shared last fall on his Facebook page Alessandro Busiri Vicin an energy-saving pasta cooking tip that quickly went viral and has since made people both enamored and angry. The tip goes like this in its simplicity:

    Wait for the boiling water to start boiling and add the pasta to it in the normal way. When the pasta has boiled in the pot for 1-2 minutes, turn off the stove and let the pasta cook under the lid for a minute longer than the instructions on the package suggest.

    Vocational examinations have not had a very favorable attitude towards the tip.

    – That would be a disaster. Let’s leave the cooking to the experiments while the physicists are doing their experiments in their laboratories, the chef knocked out Luigi Pomata idea According to Independet.

    Huffington Post according to some of the chefs have commented on pasta cooked like the tip, for example, as rubbery, but there are also supporters of the instruction. At least Barilla, one of Italy’s biggest pasta manufacturers, has given its blessing to the instruction.

    The end result was successful

    We tested the tip in the home kitchen with an induction cooker, and the end result was a positive surprise. We let the pasta boil for exactly two minutes after immersing it in the water before turning off the stove.

    – The tip does work. The pasta turned out just right, says the photographer who tested the recipe Jenni Gästgivar.

    Truffle oil, truffle butter and parmesan crowned the test portion.

    However, the truth is that with the amount of pasta Finns eat, the electricity savings using this gimmick will be quite small. However, it is different in Italy, where there are close to 60 million inhabitants and pasta is eaten the most in the world.