The committee’s conclusions: “There is a lack of blood values ​​and logical and methodological inconsistencies were found in the death investigation

    “The truths that have been delivered to us are not satisfactory either with regard to the disqualification from the Giro d’Italia or with regard to the events that led to the death” of the cyclist Marco Pantani. This was said by Senator Giovanni Endrizzi who coordinated the Committee in charge of the Anti-Mafia Commission, presenting the final report of the Commission to the press. “In the first case – explained Endrizzi – it is strange that no one ever wanted to consider the rules for controls, Pantani was tried for sports fraud and no one verified what the analysis protocols said, which we found to be incomplete “.

    The infiltrations

    “We complain that some tests have not been carried out – he added – and today we do not have the possibility of producing these missing data” relating to blood values. On this the Commission has audited Renato Vallanzasca but “the doubt that the mafias may have infiltrated the Giro d’Italia remains an open hypothesis that we have not been able to close and therefore much less exclude”. On the death of Pantani, however, said Endrizzi, “logical and methodological inconsistencies were found”, “we found that some doors were not opened on the hypothesis that there was a contribution of third parties to the death, it is not ours competence open them but we applaud the Rimini prosecutor’s initiative to have reopened the investigations, for our part we will provide further material in an atmosphere of cordial collaboration hoping for an ultimate truth “.