Oskar Haag: “Teenage Lullabies” – freely invented (criticism & stream)

The career of the musician Oskar Haag begins with the Austrian youth culture radio station FM4. Its moderator Fritz Ostermayer played Haag’s song “Stargazing” in early summer 2021, triggering a small avalanche – the song was soon a minor national hit. That was sensational because Haag was fifteen at the time. Now, at seventeen, he’s releasing his debut album.

Haag sets one of the defining feelings of his generation to music: a certain exhaustion

On “Teenage Lullabies” you can hear the youthful age of the artist. But that is not a stumbling block – rather, it plays the central role. Because Haag sets one of the formative feelings of his generation to music: a certain exhaustion, an almost apathetic tiredness, maybe it’s also a kind of world pain. In addition, however, there is a largely pathos-free commitment to love.

Often, Haag needs nothing more than his acoustic guitar and voice, like on the almost painfully slow “Hold Me Tight,” where he begs to be held so he can lose his fear. Ghostly choirs join in the chorus. Singing and playing are broken – the song can hardly stand. But therein lies the great romance of this music.

Some things on “Teenage Lullabies” are reminiscent of classic models

The following “Sober” is set to a simple electronic beat, Haag sings a song about the morning after to a soaring organ. You want to hum along right away, it sways so beautifully. The above-mentioned “Stargazing”, which reminds a bit of Conor O’Brien’s Villagers, and the prelude, “Leaving For Monaco Or Wherever The Fuck We Want To Go”, in which Haag unites himself with voluminous drums and bright synths, are also successful slightly larger production allowed.

Some things on “Teenage Lullabies” are reminiscent of classic models. There’s a Bowie feel to a song or two, Haag himself cites the Beatles as an influence. But his songs are fictitious in the best sense. The intuitive feel shows him as an artist with considerable potential. In developing it, he can count on help from those close to him: his father is Oliver Welter, singer and guitarist in the indie rock band Naked Lunch.


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