The frustration with the Helene Fischer concert in Munich is increasing – as are the complaints from the concert visitors. The fans are angry and feel betrayed.

    The social media are already flooded with shots of the rainy evening: while the Schlager singer flew through the air, the fans had to stretch their heads up soaking wet. The VIP area was not good enough and the view of the stage was suboptimal.

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    Now other fans who seem anything but enthusiastic about the price-performance ratio of the show spoke up: “We paid 600 euros per ticket and didn’t see anything. The light show was dazzling. The fireworks smoked everything. A total letdown,” they told the “Bild”.

    Another added: “You feel ripped off”. He said he “only saw Fischer on the screen” and was “like a kilometer” away from the stage – despite the VIP ticket.

    Other recordings that are currently circulating on social media also report that there was no more meat at the catering at 7 p.m.

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    In addition, according to the state of affairs, the VIP area should not be described as such in this case, since only standing room was available. Two men were so disappointed with the organization that they even asked for a meeting with management. “This playback shit” is “incredible,” said one of the two.

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    The organizers comment: “Everyone knew where he was sitting and what he was buying”

    The organizers Leutgeb Entertainment then spoke to “Focus” about the complaints about the VIP area. A spokesman explained: “I can say about the VIP area that, in the end, there were minor bottlenecks with individual dishes. We kept the VIP indoor area open much longer than stated so that people don’t have to stand in the rain for too long. It’s really a shame that such a drama is fabricated from this service.”

    They continued their explanation and gave the “Bild” a clear statement: “There were 129,900 satisfied customers. I can only advise the 0.01 percent of those who are dissatisfied to simply stick to the facts, since everyone knew where they were and what they were buying. About the show: this was one of the world’s best shows ever, so I’ll refrain from the nonsense – smoke because of pyro, honestly!”, said a spokesman for the company.

    Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, many fans did not let themselves be defeated

    130,000 fans traveled to Munich for Helene Fischer. Her ex-husband Florian Silbereisen also made a surprising guest appearance. In addition to the heavy criticism, many fans were also positive. A TikTok user wrote in a video of the concert: “While the VIPs were complaining about the missing pork fillet, I had the best evening in a long time at 197 euros. So I’m happy”.

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    Another fan wrote with amusement “If the Helene concert takes place at short notice in the outdoor pool” and published a video that shows that you could have fun at the concert despite the wind and weather. You can see a man and a woman dancing passionately to the music in the huge puddles.

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