Het etentje zou doorgaan in La Maison du Luxembourg, a restaurant in Brussels. When talking about the cancellation, it will be considered that Rode Duivels has a WK match that day. Maar de real speeches zou de spanning tussen de Waalse en Vlaamse liberal zijn. In the crane ‘La Libre Belgique’ Vlaamse bronnen confirm that Open Vld-voorzitter Egbert Lachaert geërgerd het etentje afblies.

    In addition, in the parliament, we can deteriorate the most important requirements of the bands of liberal parties. Van Vlaamse kant was he found out about MR-voorzitter Georges-Louis Bouchez, but also differently he was met with woorden gegooid. So spoke Kamerlid, and former minister of energy, Marie-Christine Marghem, who recently served as the prime minister, Alexander De Croo. En also Van Quickenborne ontving commentaar van MR na de dodelijke aanval op en politieagent in Brussel.

    Due to the fact that there are two parties involved in the opening of the gangs, there are cases of corona crisis that are still open. Zo vond premier De Croo de commentaar van Bouchez op het covidbeleid pasted. Bouchez heeft de premier real al vaker in vraag gesteld and that blijft little vallen bij Open Vld.