The autumn holiday at Schiphol has been almost without chaos. Over the past two weeks, the average waiting time for security has been 14 minutes, the airport reports. Waiting in line for more than an hour almost every day, except at peak times on the first Saturday of the holiday. Then we waited an hour and a half for the security check.

    According to Schiphol, the good news is due to the limitation of the number of departing passengers, the deployment of office staff and so-called security coaches, who help to promote flow in the queues. Schiphol is limiting the number of departing flights and passengers until at least the end of March, in the fight against the chaos at the airport.

    The chaos at Schiphol started six months ago at the beginning of the May holiday. The airport was overwhelmed by the large number of travelers who wanted to fly again after the corona crisis.


    There is no enthusiasm among people who want to work at Schiphol. Due to the continuing staff shortage, the airport took unorthodox measures against the crowds, such as the mandatory cancellation of flights. That sparked anger from airlines, travel companies and passengers.

    Schiphol is investing 100 million euros in measures to solve the staff shortage at security companies, among others. At the beginning of this month it was announced that security guards to improve financially.

    Dick’s last day

    After the ongoing chaos, Schiphol boss Dick Benschop’s position became untenable. Today is Benschop’s last day. Tomorrow former Eneco boss Ruud Sondag will temporarily take over. Sondag has a contract until September 1, 2023.