A 41 year old manneighbour of Vigodied this Saturday morning when his car collided with another that had jumped the median on the A-52on his way through Salvaterra de Miño (Pontevedra).

    In addition, this spectacular accident has left serious injuries to three other people who have been evacuated by ambulance to the Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital in Vigo: the wife of the deceased, 39 years old; the daughter, a 13-month-old girl; and the driver of the car that ended up in the opposite lane, a young man of 25 years neighbor of Ponteareas.

    According to sources of the intervening operation, it happened around kilometer point 290 of this road around 10:30 a.m., when several individuals – in addition to the woman, who activated the system ‘e-call‘ incorporated into the vehicle- called 112 to alert them of what had happened.

    frontal crash

    Apparently, a car traveling in the direction of Vigo had left the road, had crossed the median and entered the opposite lane, where he collided head-on with the car in which the family was traveling, which was going in the direction Benavente.

    The 112 reported the facts to the O Porriño firefighters, the GES-Speis de Ponteareas, the Civil Traffic Guard and Sanitary Emergencies-061. Highway maintenance services have also been alerted.

    In addition to the body of the deceased, the firefighters have had to release the driver of the vehicle that jumped the road with release material. median.

    ongoing investigation

    The Civil Guard has opened an investigation to clarify the causes of this spectacular accident that has caused large traffic jams on the A-52 this Saturday morning.

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    The road remained closed at the point where the accident occurred, but DGT sources point out that traffic was not so affected because the crash had been near an exit that leads to a roundabout, from which cars can return to incorporate.

    Already in the afternoon of this Saturday, the circulation has been restored completely.