It will remain largely dry on Sunday and the sun will even show itself. It will be 10 or 11 degrees with a moderate southwest wind, according to Weeronline.

    Rain will follow on Sunday evening and the next few days will be quite changeable. Tomorrow and Tuesday afternoon it will be at most a degree or 8. After that it will be softer again.

    Monday and Tuesday rain

    In the morning there will be a number of showers across the country. Sometimes the sun can shine for a while, especially in the coastal provinces. . Along the west coast the wind becomes quite strong.

    Then we have to deal with a mix of clouds, sun and showers. With a single shower, a thunderstorm or hail is possible. Between the showers it will be a maximum of about 8 degrees. This makes it the ‘coldest’ day of the week. The number of showers will decrease in the evening, but a single shower may also remain in the night to Tuesday.

    Tuesday will start dry and there may be some cautious sunshine in the east and northeast. Clouds will increase from the west and rain will follow during the course of the day. A strong wind is blowing from the southwest and this wind brings softer air. At the beginning of the afternoon it is only about 7 degrees, but on Tuesday evening the mercury rises to 10 or 11 degrees.

    Milder weather after Wednesday

    On Wednesday, a few showers occur, but we also regularly see the sun. It will be 9 to 11 degrees. The southwest wind is moderate, but can be strong on the coast.

    The following days it continues to come and go of rain areas. With a bit of luck, most rain falls during the night hours and it is often dry during the day. If things go wrong, rain can still fall. With maxima between 8 and 11 degrees, it remains mild for the time of year. There is also no frost at night. Usually it doesn’t get colder than about 6 degrees.