PEACE NOW someone chalked up the pond wall on the Gorechtkade in the 1980s in large, painted letters. Presumably in the dark, standing in a wobbly boat.

    The photo was taken in the 1980s. During that period, there was much opposition to the deployment of cruise missiles and nuclear weapons in the Netherlands. These are turbulent years in which Doe Maar sings about ‘The bomb’ and hundreds of thousands of Dutch people demonstrate for peace.

    Current cry

    It is therefore no coincidence that the ban-the-bomb sign, symbol of peace and disarmament, was signed by the activist. Global focus on ceasefire and nonviolence is also the goal of the International Day of Peace. The day was declared September 21 by the United Nations in 1981.

    Even today, PEACE NOW is a slogan that is very topical.

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    Memories in the picture visualize the history of Groningen through the Groninger Archives and Museum aan de A (successor to the Northern Maritime Museum).