Haarlem singer-songwriter Yorick van Norden has just returned from London, where he recorded his new album at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios. It is a dream come true for the musician. “It was magical and super intense.”

    He still has to recover and only now realizes how intensive the trip to London has been. “I’m just tired,” he laughs. A lot of preparation went into it and Yorrick and his band members worked hard and put in long days. But he looks back fondly on his foray into the studios where world-famous artists and bands such as The Beatles also recorded their music.

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    Yorick is deeply impressed by his visit to the world famous music studios. – NH News

    The idea of ​​going to Abbey Road Studios didn’t just come out of the blue. It arose at a sad moment in the life of the cheerful Haarlem musician, namely when his mother was seriously ill a few years ago. He often visited her in the hospital and then realized how fleeting life is.

    He started thinking about his own dream and that was to record a record in the world famous studios. “I suggested that to my parents and they immediately said that they would give a thousand euros as a nudge.”

    Start signal

    And so the go-ahead was given to really make this dream come true. To record a record at Abbey Road Studios, you need a lot of money. And Yorick had a hard time getting that together. In the end it worked, thanks to the help of many acquaintances and strangers. More than two years ago it would really happen, but because of corona it was postponed to last week.

    “I’ve been in the studio before and I have to say that it’s very different if you can only look, or can actually touch everything,” says Yorick. His motivation to record in these studios has not to do with the nostalgia surrounding all the famous stars that have been there, but with the quality of the studios.

    “This is next level, the world’s best studios”

    Yorick van Norden

    They are known as one of the best in the world. “I had headphones on and it sounded so beautiful. And I thought wow what a sound.” After the recordings, Yorick and his band members went back to listen to the recordings and then they were completely blown away. “I have worked in many studios in the Netherlands where you can achieve great results. But this is next level, the world’s best studios.”

    Yorrick is convinced that Abbey Road Studios really make a difference in sound. And that also makes it difficult to go back to a ‘normal’ studio next time. Secretly he is already thinking about next time, but whether that is feasible remains to be seen. In the coming year he is still busy finishing the record. “It will be released in the course of 2023, that will take a long time, but that’s how long it really takes before such a record is completely finished.”