OFC surprisingly beats HHC, AFC runs out on competitor

OFC surprised another title candidate in the second division this afternoon. This time HHC from Hardenberg was the victim, 2-0. Earlier, the relegation candidate already took points against AFC and De Treffers. Leader AFC took full advantage (2-0 win over Rijnsburgse Boys) and now has six points more than HHC.

The home side started strongly against OFC and got a chance through Jurjan Mannes in the third minute. This bet was stopped by goalkeeper Ischa Bouwman. Just before the break, the Oostzaners struck twice. First it was Niels Butter and two minutes later Niels Springer scored: 2-0.

It was mainly thanks to Bouwman that OFC took full advantage. This gave Rob van der Leij, Joerie Church and Mannes options. The OFC goalkeeper was always a spoilsport.

OFC remains last in the second division despite the victory.

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Leader AFC has optimally benefited from the slip of competitor HHC. The team from Amsterdam won 2-0 when visiting Rijnsburgse Boys. AFC played almost the entire match against ten men after a quick red card for Bram de Bruin. Defender Cody Claver scored the opening goal after eighteen minutes.

It took until the 96th minute for the decision to be made. Matthijs Jesse then made it 2-0. Because of the victory, AFC is six points ahead of HHC, De Treffers (number three) has nine points less.

Koninklijke HFC won 1-0 against Scheveningen through a hit by Zakaria Eddahchouri. Jong FC Volendam went down 2-0 against Cossack Boys.