Currently, Slind is healing itself.

    Norwegian skier Astrid Slind34, has attracted attention in his home country with his housing choices.

    A week ago, Slind uploaded a video to social media in which he is pushing the slopes forward with his upper body almost bare. Other people on the track have resorted to a jacket, some even a beanie.

    Slind told Norway for TV2that his choice of outfit is based solely on practicality.

    – I’m quite warm, and I don’t like the feeling when my body heats up too much. I prefer to reduce clothes. The matter can easily be misunderstood as that I like to show a bare surface, Slind told TV2.

    Slind has not faced criticism for her scantily clad clothing. Instead, the Norwegian thinks that the sight of him on the slopes is considered comical.

    Slind is currently in Beitostölen, where several Norwegian peaks open their competition season.

    In the TV2 story, Slind said that he plans to start in Beitostölen in an outfit where his hands are bare.

    – The chest is probably not bare, Slind said and smiled.

    However, fate was against the woman, because even though Slind had signed up for Saturday’s 10 km race, she had to miss the start.

    Slind got sick.

    The skier himself laughed on social media about the comments he made about scantily clad clothing and the time of his illness.

    In recent years, Slind has focused on long distances. He is the reigning winner of Vasaloppet.

    Slind plans to focus on long distances this year as well, but does not rule out the possibility of participating in the World Cup, if invited.

    However, getting sick before the race in Beitostölen was a setback in terms of World Cup thoughts. Slind is basically a contender for the Norwegian women’s national team, and she should give some evidence.

    Astrid Slind couldn’t start in the opening race of the season because she got sick. AOP&Instagram screenshot