Norway, 5 Italians overwhelmed by avalanche: one dead and two seriously injured

Tragedy for a group of Italians on vacation. The Norwegian area hit by a series of major avalanches

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April 01, 2023

– Norway

A group of Italian hikers was run over by one avalanche in Norway, one of them died. The tragedy struck five Italians, all from the province of Vicenza, while they were on holiday in the Norwegian peaks. On Friday 31 March, four avalanches involved the Lyngen area and the five compatriots were swept away on the Kavrngtindend peak at an altitude of 1300 metres, a well-known destination among hikers.

an avalanche in norway overwhelms a group of italians

Unfortunately one of the five Italians overwhelmed died, two others were injured, the most serious was transported to hospital in Tromsø, two others were fortunately unharmed. The five were in an area frequented by tourists and hikers. They would have been overwhelmed by an avalanche on the edge of a wood, while they were taking off the seal skins to start the descent. Some, as sources from the Farnesina report, had parents backpacks with airbags that allowed them to remain on the surface, the cases that turned out to be more serious were dragged by slamming into trees. The Republicquoting a spokesman for the ministry, says that the group leader reportedly suffered a frontal contusion “and is in a state of confusion as he is unable to answer questions logically”.

four avalanches in a few hours

Weather conditions complicated rescue operations. The group was made up of three other Italians who, however, had not taken part in the excursion given the bad weather. On Friday there were everything four avalanches in the Nord-Troms area which resulted in the deaths of four people. In Reinoya, a small island of about 300 inhabitants, an avalanche hit a farm, dragging it into the sea. A man and a woman were found dead in the water as well as several animals. Foreign tourists were also overwhelmed in Nordreisa where there would have been the fourth victim of these avalanches that hit Norway.

announced tragedy

A tragedy which, however, did not come entirely as a surprise given the warnings of the authorities. Tor Indrevoll, director of operations of the Troms Red Cross Relief Corps, had already announced an avalanche risk since Thursday, advising against moving in the mountains of the area. Alert that is still in force at these hours.