The colorful Canal Parade in Amsterdam attracts a lot of attention today. Not only visitors from home and abroad find their way to the parade and the street parties. The farmers also see an opportunity to take a stand against the government’s nitrogen policy. As a playful action, they are handing out pink and red handkerchiefs to passers-by today, and they were very welcome.

    Early today, around twenty farmers from all over North Holland (and a few from Utrecht) went to the capital to protest against the cabinet’s nitrogen policy during the Canal Parade.

    With six tractors (including one pink), protest signs, and piles of red and pink handkerchiefs, they gathered at the Hermitage and the Maritime Museum. The colored handkerchiefs are distributed to everyone and, according to the farmers, are a symbol of the farmers’ protests.

    Own sausage and cheese

    The handkerchiefs are sold like hot cakes on the Canal Parade. “The greater the range, the better. You see people walking everywhere with a handkerchief. I think half the city has one,” says one of the farmers, laughing. “Nice to see. It surprised a lot of people.” In addition to handkerchiefs, the farmers also hand out homemade sausage and cheese to passers-by.

    The farmers’ campaign was organized in consultation with the Pride organization and the mayor. “Reactions are positive, the promotion is appreciated,” explains initiator Morris van Zanten from Middelie. “A different sound, a good addition to the Canal Parade. They are interested in our story, have a chat.”

    View the photos below.

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