The Bussum man (51) who killed his brother, two years younger, in an apartment in Naarden last October, is sentenced to TBS with compulsory treatment. The judge has decided that. The man will not be sentenced to prison because he had no control over himself at the time of his act.

    The Bussumer killed his brother a year ago by stabbing him several times – in a psychosis. That same evening, the man tweeted about it to the police. Agents immediately come to it, come across the body of the deceased brother and can still detain the Bussumer in the apartment. The suspect immediately confesses.

    Several experts examined the Bussumer after his arrest and concluded that the man is schizophrenic and suffers from a psychotic disorder. He himself is not aware of this.

    Chance of recurrence

    The court now rules that the man is not punishable because of that disorder, although he confessed to the murder. The man is therefore sentenced to TBS with compulsory treatment. The judge does this because she finds it necessary that the man is treated. The suspect has previously refused any treatment. The court therefore finds the risk of repetition too great.

    With its judgment, the court follows the demand of the public prosecutor two weeks ago.