Llove that breaks out unexpectedly and turns everything upside down. At any agethat of parents and that of high school children. Both, with different duties and responsibilities, find themselves having to deal with those blessed “butterflies in the stomach” that mess everything up. And making choices isn’t easy. She tells it Nobody like usfilm of 2018 broadcast tonight on Canale 5 at 9.20pm with Alessandro Preziosi And Sarah Felberbaum. Set in Italy 1980srevives betrayals and intertwining of the “old world”, the one in which smartphones and social networks were not there, but which in essence are the same as those that happen today.

    Nobody like us: the plot

    We are in the Turin of the 1980s, in fact. Betty (Sarah Felberbaum) is a high school Italian teacher, beautiful and nonconformist for the time, she proudly declares herself single by choice. Umberto (Alessandro Preziosi) is a well-known university professor, rich, charming, arrogant and arrogant. He is married to Ludovica (Christiane Filangieri), but theirs is a boring and passionless marriage. When Umberto And Ludovica they decide to enroll Romeo (Leonardo Pazzagli), rebellious and spoiled son, in high school of Bettychange everything.

    At first Betty And Umberto they can’t stand each other, they clash, she is an independent woman, he is haughty. But that basic dislike, in reality, intrigues, intrigues, attracts. In short, it happens that between the two outbursts passion. Umberto he discovers for the first time happy and involved in love. But how to manage this new fresh relationship, given that he is married, even if the relationship with his wife is now dull?

    Alessandro Preziosi is Umberto in “Nobody like us”.

    Triangles also among high school children

    At the same time, the intertwining of high school children develops. In the class of Betty there is indeed Vincenzo (Vincenzo Crea), son of a worker and a housewife, shy and introverted, has as a reference point the prof. of letters, Betty precisely. Vincenzo is madly in love with Catherine (Sabrina Martina), a beautiful classmate, who, however, ends up losing her head for Romeowho in the meantime has become the best friend of Vincenzo.

    The quiet high school thus becomes the place of love triangulations where everyone ends up understanding that in love, as in friendshipto fully experience the feelings, you have to have the courage to make clear choices.

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    Unrequited love becomes a prison

    This film directed by Volfango De Biasi, is inspired by the novel of the same name by Luca Bianchiniwhich in Nobody like us is among the screenwriters. “Vwants to be a story that explores the condition of the lover or the loser “, explained the director,” of those who in love hold, in spite of themselves, the position of “not chosen “or at least half chosen. Eventually the protagonists are forced to take responsibility for their feelings. Love is always love, and however imperfect it deserves to be lived. Unrequited love, however, is a prison, from which one must be able to escape ”.