Nilüfer Gündogan live on television with facial paralysis: ‘Tough’

Nilüfer Gündogan, known for her controversial break with the political party Volt, appeared on live television yesterday with facial paralysis. “It is very cool that you are here.”

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The discredited politician Nilüfer Gündogan, who left Volt after accusations of misconduct to continue as an independent Member of Parliament, joined the talk show HLF8 last night with facial paralysis. Her face therefore looked very different from what people are used to from her.


Presenter Hélène Hendriks immediately mentions Nilüfer’s paralysis. “By the way, I think it’s very cool that you’re here and I’ll explain why. You can see it well: you have a paralysis. How did that happen?”

Nilüfer: “Probably due to stress, which paralyzed the nerve, presumably the herpes virus. It’s in my body, as it is in so many people. That can give a cold sore and, under extreme circumstances, cause facial paralysis.”

Take a rest

Hélène: “And so you haven’t been in the Chamber for a while.”

Nilüfer: “No, I had to take a rest. I have just finished a solid course of prednisone and I will see my neurologist on Friday.”

Hélène: “Do you think it will be okay?”

Nilüfer: “I hope so. According to statistics, 75 percent heal from it completely, and 25 percent sustain damage. That’s why I was also honest about it right away. If I belong to that 25 percent, then I have a long treatment process ahead of me.”


Where does this paralysis come from? “The stress, of course, has been from those lawsuits and false allegations. Working a lot is not the bottleneck for me, it’s feeling unsafe for me. Those are unusual things.”

Hélène: “I think it’s all the more cool that you’re here.”


Nilüfer had to cross a threshold: