Nikkie Plessen has put her fashion company on the display. The proceeds should amount to tens of millions of euros. This is reported by the usually well-informed business magazine Quote.

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    According to Quote There have been rumors for some time that Nikkie Plessen and her husband Ruben Buntekoe want to sell their fashion empire. And that should bring in a lot of money. “N-Brands generated a net profit of 5.8 million euros in 2021. Even in the first corona year, thanks to jogging suits, the head was kept well above water.”

    40 million euros

    According to the website Mergermarket, which focuses on the world of mergers and acquisitions, Nikkie would work as a selling party with an annual profit of 5 million euros. “Calculated with a multiplier of 8, the entire fashion tent would then be worth 40 million euros.”

    Nonsense, let Ruben know in a comment to Quote. According to him, the tent is worth much more. “Our EBITDA in 2021 was 9.7 million euros,” he says, which would almost double the value.

    Full sale?

    N-Brands, which consists of brands such as Nikkie, Fifth House and Nik & Nik, has to deliver Nikkie a mega hit. However, Ruben denies that there is a complete sale. “We will continue to grow with the company.”

    Ruben states that before the international expansion they are investigating whether they want to ‘partially look for a connection with a strong partner, who can help us move forward faster’. “If we want it at all and it works, then it would be a party that buys in part in exchange for knowledge, network and capital.”

    monkey cabbage

    According to Quote, Ruben is joking a bit. “They seem to have been looking for a sale for some time,” it sounds. “In 2019, with the help of ING, they issued new shares for 50 million euros. These shares were withdrawn a year later.”

    The technical explanation Ruben gives for this in Quote is according to the magazine ‘apekool’. And what does Nikkie have to say? He left it at one app: “I’m in a meeting, can I help you?”


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