L‘actress Ana de Armasin the eye of the media storm for film Blonde in which plays Marilyn Monroe, sports a new scaled cut which is very reminiscent of the iconic Nineties of Jennifer Aniston in the days of Friends. But in a brunette version.

    Ana de Armas tries the “Rachel” layered cut

    While traveling the world for the premieres of the much talked about film “Blonde”the 34-year-old actress of Cuban origin does not give up on new beauty experiments.

    Like the new cut posted by the celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho on Instagram.

    A styled layered hairstyle Jennifer Aniston, with the frontal locks blunt at the level of the chin, and the others that blend harmoniously towards the shoulders. The so-called Rachel cut created in 90’s from Chris McMillanbut with the middle row.

    The chic and versatile brunette color

    Judging by the beauty looks shown at the Venice Film Festival and on the various red carpets in recent days, the new scaled cut of the protagonist of “Deep waters” it would seem an awful idea to refresh the lengths.

    Ana de Armas as Mailyn, in the movie “Blonde”

    First of all it is a versatile solution that allows you to wander with the trendy hairstyles now. As seen yesterday at the premiere of “Blonde” in Los Angeles with flat hair and loose hair combed back.

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    Last but not least, the Rachel scale becomes hype and modern thanks to tint (made in this case by the hair colorist of the stars Matt Rez). The shade of Expensive brunette currently most popular among the stars: one-dimensional, bright and with cinnamon reflections to warm up autumn looks better.