Nick Carter is suing the women who accused him of rape

Nick Carter claims to have lost more than $2 million due to the allegations.

Several women claim that Nick Carter committed repeated sexual crimes in the early 2000s. Carter denies the allegations. PDO

The singer of the Backstreet Boys, a boy band that was especially popular in the 1990s and 2000s Nick Carter has filed a countersuit against two women who have accused him of rape. Carter accuses women of being “opportunists who want to take advantage of the Me Too movement.”

Carter’s counterclaim alleges that the women are trying to tarnish Carter’s reputation in order to gain attention and fame or extort money from him. According to Carter’s lawsuit, he lost $2.3 million as a result of the allegations.

– Carter will not allow himself to be tarnished in this way, the lawsuit says of The Guardian by.

– Protecting reputation and name and calling a liar a liar is not blaming or bullying the victim. It is simply telling the truth.

Shannon Ruth -a woman sued Carter last December for an alleged rape incident 20 years ago. According to the woman, the singer forced her to perform sexual acts in the toilet of the concert bus, such as oral sex, which caused her to contract the disease. Finally, Carter raped his young victim.

A similar experience has allegedly also been had by three other women, who remain anonymous, who participated in the accusation brought to court. The women want Carter to be held accountable for his actions.

The singer’s lawyer denied Ruth’s accusations by calling the woman’s comments false claims. According to him, Ruth has been making untrue allegations against Carter for years.

In addition to Ruth, Carter has filed a lawsuit against a former member of the girl band Dream Melissa Schumania against. In 2017, Schuman accused him of rape that allegedly occurred in the early 2000s. However, the prosecutor did not press charges.