Nicholas Allbrook: “Manganese” (Review & Stream)

“Did you row those hidden canals of the sky/ Behind black velvet curtains?” Nicholas Allbrook, wrapped in melancholic synth pop, says goodbye to a friend who lies cold and blue in front of him, hoping that the afterlife is a better place than this world here and that the dead live on. Jackie concludes Manganese, the fourth solo album by the co-founders of Australian psychedelic rock band Pond.

Weird pop goodies

On the record he collects weird pop treasures: “Commodore” radiates lo-fi charm with a cute bass line and hook, the title song sounds like the psychedelic echo of an old soul ballad, “Mazda” spins in circles to electro beats, and Allbrook’s Father John Misty competes on The Night Before You Flew.


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