★★★1/2 We have already seen the character of Pipa in two films: Perdida and La hunch. Created by Florencia Etchévez, she is a detective / police officer who embodies the strengths and weaknesses of crime novel detectives declined this time in female. The previous films were not very good, even rushed at times. It is assumed from the start as a genre film, it takes all the clichés (small town in the Northwest, indigenous communities, powerful family with dissolute children, a crime that covers up another crime, police corruption and lack of law). It does it well, it keeps the mystery to the end and it takes the game seriously, even if it doesn’t lack the excess of political correctness (bad rich, venal politicians, corrupt cops, good natives) a little à la mode. Lopilato is very good and convinces with her character, which is absolutely essential for the film to work. And works.

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