Dra, what is the importance of Chiropractic to improve physical and emotional health?

    The rates of stress, anxiety and poor sleep after more than two years of the pandemic and being locked up have increased to significant figures. For this reason, looking for ways to improve the quality of life is very necessary.

    Chiropractic is a profession that was born in 1895 and since then millions of people in the world use it to enhance their quality of life. It is a university, scientific, objective and specific profession, used to increase the level of health and human potential and minimize future problems.

    Why do we associate Chiropractic with these benefits?

    The nervous system controls, coordinates and regulates our entire body, therefore, a nervous system free of subluxations (alterations between the vertebrae of the spine) will work better in several areas: Digestion, moods, emotions, menstrual cycle, and defenses.

    On the other hand, the risk factors to which we are exposed daily are very high. We have emotional stressors such as fatigue and moods, which have kept us in a constant state of alert, without giving us the opportunity to achieve true relaxation; chemicals (food, medications) and physical stressors that can interfere with this nervous system, negatively affecting our health.

    Making sure that the connection between your nervous system and all the systems in your body is 100% one of the first steps to being healthy. Here the work of the Chiropractor is fundamental, because it precisely focuses on maintaining the nervous system in its optimal functioning, allowing the body to return to a normal state of rest, healthy and we become very bad hosts for viruses and external agents.

    There are many stressors that can interfere with the proper functioning of the body, which is why it is currently important to add healthy habits to our lives, to counteract these stressors and enhance quality of life.

    The body works in a chain, a good functioning of the nervous system will generate a good functioning of the other systems of your body. We have to be prepared to defend ourselves and function well against any external pathogen, today more than ever.

    Do people of all kinds attend Chiropractic?

    The office is attended by families, athletes, people of all ages, all take care of themselves regularly, including newborns and pregnant women. Chiropractic adjustments for babies are subtle and gentle. In them, they correct nerve problems that can arise in childbirth as a result of the forces exerted on the neck, regardless of the modality, caesarean section or natural childbirth.

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