How were your beginnings in the field?

    We are a company born in 2016, in the City of La Plata, dedicated to the distribution and wholesale and retail of Premium Hamburger Promotions, Hot Dogs, Super Hot Dogs, Salty Snacks and frozen products.

    From our beginnings, always directed by the founding partners -the Gianni brothers-, we set out to enhance the market for the sale of hamburger promotions, by creating products that transcend what is known.

    Where do you sell your products?

    We are demanding by nature, we dedicate ourselves full time to every detail of production and acquisition of products in order to achieve the highest possible sales in all types of markets. We currently have commercial premises in the Platense territory, CABA and in Mar del Plata. Our distribution base reaches homes throughout the Argentine territory.

    Our foods are of excellent quality, sizes and flavor. We guarantee extremely competitive price and quality that transcends the environment. Ideal to enjoy at meetings, events, entertainment, parties, birthdays or simply at home, we managed to position ourselves in record time at the Argentine table.

    Our products are sold in supermarkets, grocery stores, breweries, fast food outlets, restaurants, soccer clubs, rugby third-quarters, basketball, among other places.

    What is your goal and vision for the coming years?

    Our mission is to offer the best products for parties, events and personal consumption, at affordable prices, providing a service of excellence in quality of care, treatment and delivery of the product.

    Our vision is to bring our products and services to all the provinces and localities of our country.

    From Hamburguesas La Plata, we want to thank all the public that accompanies us every day from their homes, and invite each citizen to join in and get to know our products.

    Contact information:

    Phone: 221-6744816

    Instagram: hamburgerslaplataoficial


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