Javelin throw (M): No 80 meter throw yet

    The javelin qualifier continues to be quite tired. The Czech Vesely still leads with 79.27 meters. One centimeter behind is the Finn Kuusela. The Latvian Gailmus takes third place with 77.55 meters. The chance for Röhler would definitely be there.


    Beach volleyball (F): Give it a round of applause!

    The spectators applaud Julia Sude and Karla Borger loudly. At least at first, that will be cold consolation for the two of them. After a big fight, the two Germans had to admit defeat to the Latvian duo with 18:21 and 18:21.

    10:40 a.m

    4 x 100 meters (F): German quartet in the final

    Alexandra Burghardt started well as the start runner of the 4 x 100 meter relay, but Lisa Mayer started a little too late. However, the second German runner gains meters on her section and puts Germany in a good position that Jessica-Bianca Wessolly and Rebekka Haase can bring to the finish. Although Haase lets the French go in the last few meters, she is easily enough for second place. Next to the German team are Great Britain, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. The Swiss, who started without Kambundji, were surprisingly eliminated.


    Beach volleyball (F): Compensation in set two!

    It will be very exciting on the Königsplatz! After Sude/Borger were already 10:14 behind in the second round, the two Germans were now able to close the gap to 17:17. You can feel the tension!


    Javelin throw (M): Röhler does not gain momentum

    It’s not going well for Thomas Röhler. His second throw is also accompanied by a skeptical look from the athlete. Of course, 71.31 meters is not enough and only one attempt remains. The Rio Olympic champion is twelfth and last in his group. Julian Weber and Andreas Hofmann will also be represented in Group B from a German perspective.


    Table tennis (M): Duda on the right track!

    Benedikt Duda is on the right track towards the round of 16. With 11:9 he wins set number four against Daniel Habesohn. A set win is still missing!


    Beach volleyball (F): Now it’s time!

    After losing the first set, Julia Sude and Karla Borger now have to keep up. However, the two are also behind in the second set. The end of the quarterfinals is imminent!


    High jump (F): young meat over 1.83 meters

    Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch is sure about the 1.83 meters. Bianca Stichling, on the other hand, has to improve again, but still has two attempts for this height.


    Canoe (M): Treasure misses the final for the time being

    Unfortunately, Fabien Schatz has no chance in the C1 over the 200 meters in a strong preliminary run in terms of reaching the final. The German is in seventh place. This entitles him at least to the semi-finals, where he has another chance.

    10:30 a.m

    4 x 100 meters (F): Great Britain in the final

    As expected, Great Britain advanced to the final with first place in the first semi-final. Behind them, Spain and Italy also get the big Q. Belgium and Sweden still have a chance over time. The German quartet will start soon. In the lead-up, the team does without European Champion Gina Lückenkemper. Burghardt, Mayer, and Wessolly should bring the quartet to the final.


    4 x 100 meters (F): Brits want to go to the final

    Now there are two semi-finals over 4 x 100 meters for women. In the first semi-final, the Brits will be at the start, who missed out on a place in the final at the World Cup due to a faulty substitution.


    Table tennis (M): Qiu already done!

    It didn’t take half an hour before Dang Qiu can already plan for the next round. He beat the Greek Ioannis Sgouropoulos 4-0 and is now in the round of 16. Meanwhile, Benedikt Duda has bagged set number three and is now leading 2-1.


    Beach volleyball (F): German duo under pressure!

    The first set on the Königsplatz is played and the German team is now under pressure. The first round went to the two Latvians. With 18:21 Julia Sude and Karla Borger have to admit defeat. Now it’s time to deliver in round two!


    High jump (F): German duo fights for the final

    The high jump qualifier has now also started. From a German perspective, hopes lie with Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch, who won bronze at the 2018 European Championships. This year, however, the two-meter jumper did not get beyond 1.87 meters. Things went a little better for Bianca Stichling this year. The 22-year-old was already able to cross 1.90 meters. Both were able to easily master the initial height of 1.78 meters. But that shouldn’t be a problem.


    Table tennis (M): Qiu marches, Duda with problems

    After his 2-0 lead, Dang Qiu is about to win set number three. A few plates further things are not going so smoothly for Benedikt Duda. After clearly winning the set, he now concedes a 11:13 against Daniel Habesohn.


    Javelin throw (M): Röhler with starting difficulties

    Thomas Röhler’s first attempt is invalid. After the end of the first round, the Czech favorite Vesely achieved the best distance with 79.27 meters. The qualifying hurdle is 83 meters, but it is quite possible that such a distance will not be necessary. In this case, the top twelve throwers from both groups advance.


    Canoe (F): Sprinting!

    The short distances are now on the program on the Olympic regatta course. Lisa Jahn takes part in the women’s 200 meters C1 and secures her place in the final with her second place.


    4 x 100 meters (M): German quartet storms to the German record

    Full concentration on the men’s 4 x 100 meter semifinals! Kevin Kranz starts in the first corner and does an outstanding job. The 200-meter finalist Hartmann takes over the baton and can immediately tear a small gap to the side lanes. Since the changes to Owen Ansah and Lucas Ansah-Peprah also work perfectly, the final runner has an easy time. Lucas Ansah-Peprah celebrates shortly before the finish line and can celebrate an incredible time of 37.97 seconds with his team. This is a German record and the best time of all semi-finalists. That gives hope for the final.


    Table tennis (M): Set wins

    The two Germans get off to a great start in their matches. Dang Qiu is already leading 2-0 in sets against Greek Sgouropoulos. Benedikt Duda won the first set against the Austrian Daniel Habesohn.


    Javelin throw (M): What does Thomas Röhler do?

    Thomas Röhler already had to tremble for progress on the qualifying day. The Olympic champion and defending champion has the strongest personal best in the field at 93.90 meters, but the weakest seasonal best of all at a good 72 meters. The former Dominator has had numerous injury problems in recent years. Qualifying group A with Röhler is already underway. No athlete has thrown 80 meters yet. It’s the German’s turn soon.


    Table tennis (M): Two Germans in the fight for the round of 16

    And the German spectators will also get their money’s worth in the Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle. Here the day starts with the men who are currently in the round of the last 32 in singles. Benedikt Duda and Dang Qiu are already at the table here.


    4 x 100 meters: German men want to forget about the World Cup

    The German sprinters should start with a lot of anger after the preliminary run at the World Cup. The cast is identical with Kranz, Hartmann, Ansah and Ansah-Peprah. The strongest competitors for the final are likely to be Italy, France and Turkey.


    Beach Volleyball (F): The day begins!

    The next day for the beach volleyball players begins on the Königsplatz. The women’s quarterfinals will kick off. The local spectators get their money’s worth, because with Julia Sude and Karla Borger, two Germans are in the sand at the beginning. The two meet the Latvian duo Graudina/Kravcenoka in their quarterfinals.


    4 x 100 meters (M): Great Britain in the final

    The first semi-final over 4 x 100 meters has been completed. Unsurprisingly, the team from Great Britain (38.41 seconds) prevails in front of the Netherlands and Switzerland. The three nations are qualified for the final, while Spain and Greece will have to hope for the time.

    10:01 a.m

    Canoe (M): Thordsen marches to the final!

    Strong performance by Jakob Thordsen! The German starts really well right from the start and can pick up the pace again in the final meters. He moves into the final with almost no problems. He will be accompanied by Bojan Zdelar from Serbia and Martin Nathell from Sweden.

    10:00 a.m

    Athletics: Morning sessopm begins

    Now things are getting serious again in the Olympic Stadium after the German team was able to collect plenty of medals the day before. The program for this morning includes the relay heats, qualification in the men’s javelin throw and women’s high jump, as well as the 800-meter semi-finals with German participation.


    Canoe (M): Back in the kayak!

    In the men’s K1 there are now two semi-finals over the 1000 meters. In the second, the German Jakob Thordsen is also there. The top three finalists from the first race are Italy’s Samuele Burgo, Britain’s Daniel Johnson and Denmark’s Rene Holten Poulsen.


    Canoe (M): blow after blow

    The men are now challenged over the 1000 meters, but first in the C1. As expected, the Hungarian Balazs Adolf prevails here, the other two final places go to Pavlo Altukhov and Matej Rusnak.


    Canoe (F): We continue after conversion

    After the route had to be rebuilt for the longer distance, the women’s K1 are now on their way. In the semi-finals, Serbian Bedec, Bulgarian Mihalashvili and Italian Burgo prevailed.


    Canoe (F): The next final entry!

    The women’s K4 does the same as its male counterpart! They are also in the final over the 500 meters. Although Paulina Paszek, Lena Röhlings, Caroline Arft and Katharina Diederichs only finished their race in third place, this was just enough for a direct entry into the final.


    Canoe (M): Straight to the final!

    Very good performance from the German K4! In just over 1:20 minutes, the German quartet wins the race ahead of Serbia and Hungary. The three boats are thus directly in the final.


    Canoe (M): The day is open!

    The canoeists kick off competition day nine. The prelims over the 500 meters are coming up in K4. The German boat is also there. Of course, Max Rendschmidt, Tim Liebscher, Jacob Schopf and Max Lemke want to get ahead!


    What else is up?

    In addition to athletics, trend-setting eighth and quarter-finals in beach volleyball are on the program today, and in the evening the women even go to the semi-finals. In addition, this day of competition is again characterized by table tennis, where the knockout phases are slowly picking up speed. The canoeists will also pick up speed, and on their second day, in addition to various heats, they will also win some medals.

    The program in the Olympic Stadium

    What’s going on in athletics today? After a few preliminary fights in the afternoon, eight medal decisions will be made in the evening. Among other things, the finals are over 200 meters and 400 meters hurdles.

    Warm welcome

    Hello and welcome to the ninth day of the European Championships! It starts at 9 a.m. in Munich today.