Tuesday, August 2 Sergio Tomas Massa He entered his house at 2:35 in the morning and collapsed on the table in the living room. At 9 in the morning he had to leave Tigre to go to Congress, to give up his seat as deputy, but an endless rush of meetings had prevented him from reaching his home earlier. At past 5 in the morning, three hours later, the leader of the Renewal Front I was still in the same place: answering messages and following the evolution of the markets. It was a postcard that was repeated the next day, when she, too, could barely sleep for a few hours. in the house of Massa no one sleeps, and it makes sense: all his life the paterfamilias prepared for the stage that began when he told Albert Fernandez, the president in free fall, yes, he swore. There is no time for sleep.

    In secret. Since the news was made official that Massa was going to assume as superminister a version began to take flight within the ranks of the Renovating Front. It goes back to the days when Matias Kulfas He resigned. On that Saturday June 4 Alberto Fernandez he offered that bag to Massa, long before Scioli. The tigress did not want to, but the important thing in this story is what happened next. It is that, before Albert and Christina resumed the dialogue, an emissary from the vice, of her extreme trust, sent the President a new Cabinet with which she would agree: Capitanich to Headquarters, Manzur to Work and Massa to Economy and Production. Fernández did not want to accept, in a decision that Albertism deeply regrets today. “For not handing over Claudio Moroni, who does not have an outstanding management in Labor either, he ended up handing over the entire Government. It’s a shame,” they say. However, the key fact is that CFK already had the idea of ​​empowering Massa in his head at that time. It was just a matter of time.

    “Sergio already knew that with the change of Scioli and Silvina Batakis he was not going to be enough, that he needed to make profound changes and not only of names. But Alberto did not want to and that is how we are, ”they assure from the massismo. And they add another reading. “Everything was agreed with Cristina since Guzmán resigned, at least.” They are transcended, but they are based on several facts: since Batakis took office until the moment of her swearing in, Massa spoke every day with her vice president and at least three times he went to visit her office. Then came the photo together and also a strong symbolic gesture from Máximo Kirchner, who got up from his bench to greet Massa, after he presented his resignation. Several in the massista kidney hope to see CFK’s son agreeing to be the head of the ruling bloc again. In any case, one thing is clear: the new minister has the support K that his predecessors never had.

    signs. Massa’s oath was massive, and had almost as many calls as when on December 10, 2019 Alberto took the oath of all his ministers. On Wednesday the 3rd, the senior staff of the local business community attended -Marcelo Mindlin, Daniel Funes de Rioja, Francisco de Narváez, José Luis Manzano and Daniel Vila were seated in the sixth row- and also a large part of the Cabinet, with the surprising presence of Felipe Solá , the former chancellor who had ended badly with the government. “But if Peronism needs me, I will be there,” explained the former official.

    It was also Moria Casán, partner of Fernando Galmarini, Malena’s father. Her header phrase – “the set is silent” – could well apply to the moment of the President. Alberto resisted until the last moment to accept Massa’s plan and Kirchnerism, but since his arm was twisted, not even his friends dare to defend him. The new minister had free rein to take over several sensitive government portfolios.

    Ignacio De Mendiguren returned to Industry, the place he held during the government of Eduardo Duhalde, Matías Tombolini to Commerce and Daniel Marx arrived as advisor to the minister. This nomination aroused controversy, due to the radical past of the economist. “He is only going to try to get more financing, he is not going to have another role,” they said in massismo to minimize friction. It remains to be seen who will occupy the strategic Secretariat of Economic Policy and how the relationship with Miguel Pesce, with whom Guzmán had short circuits, will work. To the Central Bank, Massa sent Lisandro Cleri, one of his trusted economists, as a second, and in that circle they assure that Alberto’s friend will start “marking the field”.

    There are still many open questions. Hovering in the air, like a latent threat, is the song that Malena Galmarini and dozens of her militants sang as soon as the oath ended: “Borombombom, we are the Renovating Front.” When she heard them, Massa told them to shut up, as he had done the day before when the same scene took place in Congress. At least for now.

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