The miniseries that narrates the life of the famous Chilean writer Isabel Allende (1942) arrives throughout Latin America, and whose three episodes the LIFETIME channel will broadcast on successive days, as part of its “Books, camera, and action!” franchise.

    Based on the intimate experience of the narrator, the mother, the wife and the human rights activist, Allende is without a doubt a woman who broke all the social standards of her time to pursue happiness. After the military coup in Chile, in 1973, she was persecuted for her political thinking and for being the niece of the ousted president Salvador Allende. She had to leave the country, her husband and her two small children to go into exile in Venezuela. She thus lived the pain of exile, the distance from her family and her unemployment. Her refuge in the face of so much pain was then her writing, giving life to a novel that would turn her career around forever: “The House of the Spirits”. This book made her a popular author and feminist voice, with her own name and tone.

    Starring Daniela Ramírez, “Isabel: the intimate history of the writer Isabel Allende” is also a story about forgiveness and overcoming, pain and success, which narrates the existence of the most widely read Spanish-speaking prose writer in the world, based on in “Paula” (1994), an autobiographical text that she wrote after the death of her daughter, in Madrid.

    From a very young age, Allende was willing to break all the socially accepted standards of her time to pursue well-being and pave her way. Despite having lived in a historical moment deeply marked by machismo, and many times being criticized in her early days for her work as editor of an important women’s magazine, by addressing uncomfortable issues for what was Chile of the decade from the sixties However, always faithful to her ideals, she showed herself as a liberal woman, willing to push the limits and assert herself as the person she is.

    With twenty-five books translated into more than forty-two languages. More than seventy-five million copies sold; fifteen international honorary doctorates; around sixty prizes in a fortnight of countries; two feature films based on his works; various literary works adapted into musicals, operas, ballets, and radio shows; and creator of the Isabel Allende Foundation to empower women and girls around the world, Isabel has become a benchmark for today’s women.

    The recommendable production was directed by Rodrigo Bazaes, with scripts by Jonathan Cuchacovich.

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