After the death of Maradona, who died of a heart attack in November 2020, an investigation was launched in Argentina about the doctors and nurses in charge of his care.

    Maradona, who had undergone surgery shortly before his death due to a blood clot in his brain, was receiving treatment at home.

    On the subject, after a medical committee determined that there were “deficiencies and irregularities” in Maradona’s treatment, the court decided to file a lawsuit on the charge of negligent manslaughter.

    Those accused include Leopoldo Luque, a neurosurgeon and Maradona’s personal physician, a psychiatrist and psychologist, two doctors, two nurses and their boss. All health workers denied the allegations against them.

    All eight people will be tried on the charge of causing death by deliberate negligence. Under Argentine penal laws, eight people can face up to 25 years in prison if found guilty.

    A date has not yet been set for the hearing.

    A lawyer for one of Maradona’s children told Reuters that the football legend was “in a desperate situation” at the time of his death.

    “As soon as I saw the case, I said it was murder. I fought for a long time and we got to this point,” he said.

    Legal proceedings were initiated after two of Maradona’s daughters complained.


    Holding an emotional press conference in November 2020, Dr. Luque, on the other hand, tearfully said that he did everything in his power to save the life of a friend.

    Luque added that Maradona had been very unhappy lately.

    Angry with reporters at one point, Dr. “You want to know what I’m responsible for? To love him, to care for him, to prolong his life,” said Luque.

    Dr. “I’m a neurosurgeon and my job is done there,” said Luque, adding that the arrangements during the convalescence are not his responsibility.

    “Maradona could have gone to a rehabilitation center. He didn’t want that,” said Dr. Luque had argued that the star player was “unmanageable”.

    The doctor also stated that he did not know why there was no ambulance with a shock device outside Maradona’s house, adding: “Diego was very unhappy, he wanted to be alone, and it was not because he did not love his daughters, his family and those around him.”