Mixed relay triathlon

    Meanwhile, the triathletes are in the water. The three-way fighters compete in a mixed relay, after swimming they also have to get on their bikes and end it on foot. In this sport, too, it is well known that it takes a while before the finish line is finally reached.


    Gymnastics in the Max Schmeling Hall

    For the gymnasts, things are currently getting down to business in the Max-Schmeling-Halle. The men have been fighting their all-around for a few minutes. This will of course take some time. The boys are currently twirling across the floor and showing their artistic skills.



    The first fencing decisions are currently being made in the cupola hall on the grounds of the Olympic Park. The women start with the foil. At the same time, the men with the sabers also get into action.


    Canoe racing medals

    The racing canoeists are out and about on the Spree. There is a mixed competition in the two-man canoe. Sprinting skills are required on a 160 meter long course. Two duos compete against each other in parallel. The final has just gone up for gold. Nico Pickert and Lina Bielicke benefit from a small wobble of the opponent and choose the German champion. Peter Kretschmer/Annette Wehrmann have to settle for silver. Lisa Jahn and Tim Hecker paddled to bronze in the small final.


    First title in swimming

    Swimming has also already taken place. In addition to some heats, there was already a medal decision in the mixed relay over 4×200 meters freestyle in the midday hours. The SG Essen drove a superior victory, swam almost 14 seconds out on the quartet of the SC Wiesbaden 1911. TV Wetzlar fished bronze out of the water in the swimming and diving hall in the Europasportpark.


    The Trampoline Masters

    Decisions have also been made in trampoline gymnastics. Here Leonie Adam and Fabian Vogel came to master honors. The other medals went to Maya Möller and Aileen Rösler for women and Matthias Pfleiderer and Miguel Feyh for men.


    What happened until now

    Already at 10:00 a.m. the athletes started playing canoe polo. This sport is part of the finals for the first time and in a new format as a speed version. Each team has four players in one-man kayaks on the water trying to get the ball into the opponent’s goal using their hands or paddles. Four teams competed in the semi-finals. The KSV Havelbrüder and Rote Mühle Essen ultimately emerged as finalists. The first-named team won the final 7-3 and secured the championship title. Meidericher KC won bronze in the small final.


    Start on Thursday

    On the first day of competition, we will focus on the following eight sports: fencing, artistic gymnastics, canoe racing, track and field, swimming, speed canoe polo, trampoline gymnastics and triathlon. The women’s shot put at the Brandenburg Gate should be of particular interest. Traditionally, of course, the swimming competitions are also very fascinating. In any case, we should have enough time to look at all the events of the day.


    Everyone goes to Berlin

    This event was held for the first time three years ago. By bringing together a wide variety of sports, the aim is to arouse the public’s concentrated interest. And above all, fringe sports can benefit from greater attention. In 2020 the finals fell through due to Corona. Twelve months ago, the competitions took place not only in Berlin but also in the Rhine-Ruhr region. This year everything is once again concentrated in the capital.



    Welcome to the Finals 2022 in Berlin. This multisport event is increasing for the third time since 2019. From today, Thursday until Sunday, 14 sports can be admired in the German capital, with 190 championship titles being awarded.