National taekwondo player Merve Dincel won the gold medal!

The World Senior Taekwondo Championship continues in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Merve Dinçel, who went on the tatami in 49 kilos in the championship, passed the first round without a match, defeated Elizaveta Ryadninskaya, who struggled individually in the second round, and advanced to the third round. Defeating Dunya Ali Abutaleb from Saudi Arabia in the third round, Merve Dinçel defeated Botakoz Kapanova from Kazakhstan in the quarter-finals and advanced to the semi-finals. The national taekwondo player made her mark in the final by defeating Adriana Cerezo Iglesias from Spain in the semi-finals. The national athlete faced the last Olympic champion Panipak Wongpattanakit from Thailand in the women’s 49 kg final. Merve Dincel, who also defeated Panipak Wongpattanakit, won the gold medal.


Enbiya Taha Biçer, who represented our country in men’s 87 kilos at the World Taekwondo Championships, and Hüseyin Kartal in 80 kilos, said goodbye to the championship.
Enbiya Taha Biçer, who competed in 87 kg, beat Dinko Segedin from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the second round and advanced to the third round after passing the first round without a match. In the third round, Enbiya Taha Biçer was eliminated from the championship by losing 2-1 to the 2nd seeded Ivan Sapina from Croatia. Another athlete, Hüseyin Kartal, who climbed to the tatami at 80 kilos in the championship, said goodbye to Ismael Coulibaly from Mali, whom he met in the first round.