Also in the second session in Holland the young Spaniard is the best: he precedes Sukuki and Yamanaka. Two Italians in the 14, Migno and Rossi, while Foggia is lagging behind:

    The second Moto3 Free Practice session in Assen is also marked by David Munoz. The young Spaniard, on a track that is always wet, but less soaked than the morning session, confirms himself by setting the best time: in 1: 49.491 he precedes Tatsuki Suzuki (+0.181), Ryusei Yamanaka (+0.232), Scott Odgen (+0.456) and the first of the Italians, Andrea Migno, 5th at 0.579. In the 14 who currently would have direct access to Q2 also Riccardo Rossi, 8th at 0.749.

    the top-14

    These are the other drivers currently in the top-14: 6. Carlos Tatay (+0.592); 7. Lorenzo Fellon (+0.697); 9. Deniz Oncu (+0.851); 10. Jaume Masia (+0.865); 11. John McPhee; 12. Izan Guevara; 13. Ivan Ortolà and 14th the world leader Sergio Garcia. Very late Dennis Foggia, only 21st, while Alberto Surra is 16th, Elia Bartolini 23rd, Stefano Nepa 24th and Luca Lunetta 25th. Of note is a great rescue by Mario Aji (below).

    moto3 fp2 assen, the times

    The times of the second Moto3 free session in Assen (top 14).

    1. David Munoz 1’49.491
    2. Tatsuki Suzuki 1’49.672
    3. Ryusei Yamanaka 1’49.723
    4. Scott Ogden 1’49.947
    5. Andrea Migno 1’50.070
    6. Carlos Tatay 1’50.083
    7. Lorenzo Fellon 1’50.188
    8. Riccardo Rossi 1’50.240
    9. Deniz Öncu 1’50.342
    10. Jaume Masia 1’50.356
    11. John McPhee 1’50.386
    12. Izan Guevara 1’50.488
    13. Ivan Ortolà 1’50.773
    14. Sergio Garcia 1’50.789