Footballer Donny van Iperen, who is in a coma, who has been in a Moldovan hospital since Saturday, is receiving help from the municipality of Dijk en Waard. It turned out that he could not simply be admitted to a hospital in the Netherlands from abroad, because he does not have Dutch health insurance. Dijk en Waard wants to register Van Iperen as soon as he arrives in the Netherlands, so that he also has access to Dutch healthcare.

    The municipality of Dijk en Waard reports this to NH Nieuws.

    The 27-year-old professional football player plays for the Moldovan FC Zimbru. On Saturday he collided with the opponent’s keeper and the former Telstar player has been in intensive care since then.

    A day after the accident, Van Iperen seemed to be doing just as well, but a few days later the club came back to it. “Unfortunately, the situation has remained bad since and until now, as there has been no substantial improvement in the player’s health,” director Sergiu Topor said yesterday.

    No Dutch health insurance

    After the admission of the footballer in the Moldovan hospital, Donny’s family tried to bring him over to the Netherlands, but that turned out to be impossible. Although everything had already been arranged from Moldova to fly Donny over to the Netherlands tomorrow, no ambulance could be arranged from Schiphol. In addition, there was no hospital that the footballer could admit because of the lack of Dutch health insurance.

    Registration in a Dutch municipality would be the first step towards Dutch healthcare. Then it is also possible to take out health insurance. “In order to be registered in a municipality in the Netherlands, the person must be present in the Netherlands”, a spokesperson for the municipality of Dijk en Waard said. a quick solution.”It has been agreed that the municipality will register him as soon as he is in the Netherlands. That is expected tomorrow.”