Here are Erden Timur’s statements targeting Cenk Ergün:

    “We are meeting with 5-6 different players at the same time. I conduct all these negotiations. Because even the slightest strategic mistake will set you back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t make mistakes. Others make mistakes. Don’t get me wrong. Things can get mixed up. The people in front of us are much smarter than us. They can make sense out of even the smallest word. After the election, I had a completely different life.

    I don’t sleep before 4, I don’t get up later than 11. But I am very happy with this situation. Also, player persuasion is very important. Information and data are very valuable, but sincerity is more valuable. The most important thing is sincerity. Our goal is to become a champion again in Europe. I believe this to the end. This is the reason why I carried out this transfer process alone, it is necessary to convey that sincerity.
    We finished last season in 13th place and we are not in Europe. It’s difficult for players to persuade, so I manage the whole process on my own.”