Müge Anlı, who has been presenting ‘Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert’, which has been on ATV for many years, announced that she would get married on Monday, June 20, in the live broadcast of the program. The famous presenter, who was married to Burhan Akdağ between 1999-2008 and has a daughter named Lidya from this relationship, said, “Today I will give a news about myself. Actually, I was going to give this news on Friday, but there are so many false news… I don’t give any contact. I don’t get any contact with anyone to myself. You are watching me, you write to those who write badly. I don’t read you!” he said.


    Anlı, 48, said, “I was planning to give this news on Friday, but I thought it more appropriate to give it today. Dear friends, you have not only hosted me in your house for years, you have accepted me as a member of your family. Therefore, this is the first news about myself that will make you very happy. I wanted you to hear it by mouth. I decided to get married.”


    Everyone is getting married. Let me also reveal the name of your future son-in-law. Whether it’s this or that or that. The name of your future son-in-law is Şinasi Yüzbaşıoğlu. He is a civil servant. He has a job that I respect very much. You have always respected my privacy. I am sure that you will respect my decision and you will do it for my happiness,” he said.

    After the news, Müge Anlı’s companions in the program, Prof.Dr. Şevki Sözen and lawyer Rahmi Özcan congratulated the famous server.


    Müge Anlı, who first held a henna night attended by her close friends Zahide Yetiş and Zuhal Topal, joined her life with a simple wedding ceremony held between the family on Saturday, June 25th with Şinasi Yüzbaşıoğlu.


    The famous server, who has been out of sight for a while, added ‘Yüzbaşıoğlu’ as his surname to his social media account two weeks after the wedding.


    Famous presenter Müge Anlı was shaken by the bitter news she received on her honeymoon. Müge Anlı’s father İhsan Anlı passed away. It was learned that İhsan Anlı’s body was buried in the family cemetery after the noon prayer at Fatih Mosque yesterday.

    It is also known that Anlı, comforted by his friends, has been offended with his father for a long time.