Move to Albania: Former FC Zurich striker Dwamena finds a new professional club

Quote from xxRoBxx

You’re talking about something very important, in corners like this it’s even more fatal if something happens. There are no highly trained rescue workers on site, especially in the more rural areas, nor any real protocol for such cases. Important time passes before the player is at the right place. I just assume that the situation in Albania is similar “professional” as in Moldova. In Ternovka this summer, a Dutchman collided badly with the goalkeeper and it took several hours for van Imperen to get to the special clinic in Chisinau. Was in a coma for several weeks and is still far from living a normal life. The clubs often don’t have the money to pay for potentially expensive treatments or the like.

Hopefully everything goes well in this case, but there are many players (especially Africans) who shouldn’t be playing football professionally anymore because of similar problems. However, the pressure at home is often great, so that you continue to pursue your career.

In the meantime, at least in the first division, games are only kicked off when an ambulance is on the sidelines. So there is at least semi-professional care, although I think most of them are also trained staff and an emergency doctor is there. There will certainly also be a normal defi in the standard repertoire.

There was also the case in Albania with Klevi Qefalija with a serious head injury, from KF Tirana, here I think it was lucky that they played in Tirana and the way to the hospital was short.

From Rrogozhina it is pure driving time over 1 hour by car rather 1.5. With the ambulance maybe less. But under 1 hour is nothing.

I think there will also be care for cardiac emergencies in Durres or Elbasan, which can be reached in half an hour.

I really don’t want to paint the devil on the wall, but if his ICD has already struck twice, that means something. They don’t hit without a reason either, even if Dwamena doesn’t want to believe or know it. It’s an immersive experience. I also know patients who carry an ICD and are extremely afraid of the shock. In this case, I see it as a ticking time bomb, unfortunately…